Monday, August 8, 2011

Writing/English Homework Assignments

Here’s a few things I did as a kid that made things a little more fun.  I’m showing my nerd here!

Elementary mini-book

In fifth grade, our class was required to write a mini-book, and our teacher told us to write about spring.  I did…sort of.  I wrote about a character whose name meant spring, and the story took place during the season.  It was much more fun than writing why I liked spring, hehe.

Free-write journal entries

Some teachers give more free-write time than others.  If you have one of these, why not write a story?  My ninth grade journal was almost completely a single story.  It was actually easier to me than trying to think of a new topic every day.

Vocabulary Sentences

These things are way more fun in story form.  If you have to make up a sentence for each word anyway, then it’s not any harder to put those sentences together.  For me, it was entertaining to see what I could create around that vocabulary list, and I’m pretty sure they were fun for my teacher to read.