Thursday, June 25, 2015

DATE WITH A ROCKSTAR by Sarah Gagnon! (With Excerpt and Rafflecopter!)

Hi folks!
Today we're celebrating Sarah Gagnon's DATE WITH A ROCKSTAR, out now from Spencer Hill Contemporary!
What an awesome cover! Below is a little bit about what's inside, and stay tuned for an excerpt!
Only one girl will win the cash prize...and a chance at love with Jeremy Bane.


Monet isn’t just another lust-struck teenager trying to win the heart of Rock God Jeremy Bane--she needs the prize money from his new reality show to cure her illness. 


Monet has Fluxem, a contagious disease that's spread through saliva. It's completely curable if you have enough money, which she and her single mother don't. Now that she's on the show, Monet has to work harder to keep her Fluxem hidden. She only has to keep the secret long enough to woo Jeremy Bane so he picks her as the winner. She doesn't even care about the love part; the prize alone will change her life.

But the real Jeremy Bane is nothing like she imagined. Monet finds herself fighting against feelings that make her want to give in to her attraction and Jeremy's attempts for a kiss. The further she goes in the competition, the more impossible it becomes to resist him--and when the producers turn the tables and start digging up dirt on the contestants, Monet fears her secret will be revealed before she's ready and ruin everything.
The only way to win Jeremy's heart is to tell him the truth, but confessing her disease could cost her the competition, the prize money, and him.
Sounds fantastic! You can find out more about DATE WITH A ROCKSTAR and get your very own copy at these fine places: 
Now, how about an excerpt? This particular selection involves something near and dear to my heart--video games!
“Monet?” He opens the door wide and I’m struck by his low-hanging pajama bottoms and lack of shirt. His smooth chest is only an arm’s length away. “Do you want to come in?”
I’m so disarmed by his appearance I almost forget my purpose. In? Right? Telling the truth. “I wanted to talk to you off camera for a bit, if that’s okay?”
“Sure, come on in.” A sheen of sweat covers his skin and a small electrode shows on the side of his forehead.
“Did I interrupt something?”
Combat Junkie.” He drops his head in a slightly embarrassed manner. “Do you play?”
“No, I’ve never been able to afford the system.” I step past him to check out the tiny box next to the projection platform in the corner of the room. “Is it true what the government says about all the precious metal in the console?”
“No. I still can’t believe they actually tried to pass a bill to reclaim video game systems. Like that was ever going to happen. There’s probably the equivalent of a thousandth of a gram of gold inside the CPU. They wanted to sell the systems as a whole to other countries.”
“Wow, you know a lot about metal and video game systems.”
“Eh, it’s a hobby of mine. Actually, that reminds me. What was that little piece that fell out of your bag in the bathroom?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
He holds his fingers up in a circle approximating the size. I am so busted.
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About the Author

Sarah Gagnon grew up in the frigid woods of Maine amidst snow and animal skins and has now moved back home. As a small child she wrote ship-wrecked romances all while being stared down by a taxidermied duck.

She has a BFA in photography and a minor in writing from the University of Southern Maine. She's the mother of two tiny, feral children and two ill-behaved dogs. For fun she’s taken up construction and interior design. Her first project: moving into a dilapidated farmhouse with her computer-genius husband. 

You can find out more about Sarah and her work at the following places: