Monday, April 22, 2013

A Love Note for My Critique Partners

Hi there! *wipes off dust*

There was an avalanche in the writer cave last month, and I only just now climbed back out. Many words were written and rewritten, contests were ventured into, and many words were read.  All lovely, phreaky,fantastical, and heart-squishing words!

Writing for others is so much more than just putting down words or telling a story. Though I do my best, someone always catches something: an awkwardly worded line, a disjointed time switch, or something that's not exactly clear to the outside reader that may be perfectly understood in my head. And that's why I love my critique partners. They catch my mistakes and ask the right questions to inspire new ideas that will make my story better. They also encourage me and tell me when they love something, which makes the whole thing worth it.

So here's to my CPs, who smack me when I need it and keep me in line! Without you, I might be all eyes and --ing verbs.

Now, I must go shoo out some plot bunnies.