Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Ramblings of a Casual Gamer: Going Back (Or more Dragon Age)

In the midst of my Dragon Age: Inquisition campaign, I ran across the character Hawke from Dragon Age II. Seeing that default character lounging on top of my newly acquired base of operations flipped a switch for me, and I knew right then that I had to go back.

One of the coolest things about the Dragon Age series is that what you do in the game has consequences not just in that title, but the following games as well. The alliances you form, the choices you make, even certain discussions can influence the world around your character.

You, of course, can play the games separately, create fresh characters for each one, but then you end up with a default story line and history. I thought it would be fine, that I could settle for a fresh start, but seeing that default Hawke and recalling how different my Hawke was revealed the truth:

I had to go back. Back beyond Hawke to the very beginning when, through unfortunate circumstances, my Dalish elf became a Grey Warden. I had to go back to game one. Dragon Age: Origins.

So I've started again, created a character similar to the one I lost in the PS3 meltdown of  2013, and I'm off to battle the Blight once more. In a way, it's better this time. I'm playing on HDMI this go around, which makes a huge difference when reading inventory text. The game overall looks much cleaner, and I get to play the downloadable content I hadn't been able to get before. I'm attempting to recreate the world as it was, but it's been awhile since I completed my first trip through, and I know a couple things I wouldn't mind changing.

I don't know how much impact my decisions through the next few games will have on Inquisition, but I'm excited to find out!