Monday, April 9, 2012

Book or E-book? From the POV of a Casual Tech User

I like technology. Maybe not as much as some people. My newest computer is from 2009, I have exactly 29 apps on my phone that I actually downloaded, and I do not own an iPad. I do, however, own a Kindle Fire. It’s a nifty device. I especially like that fact that I can read my personal documents on it. I’ve read a few books on it, but I’d still rather have the real thing, and here’s why:

Lighting. My Kindle is great indoors and in the shade, but if I happen to be outside or on a long trip in a car, the glare on the glossy screen makes it too difficult to read.

Battery. I sometimes go for days without using my Kindle. When I get it out to read, I often haven’t read long before the low battery warning comes on. Then I’m crawling around trying to find an outlet.

Can’t toss it around. I read all over the place. Sometimes, I’m interrupted (puppies demand play time, fiancĂ© needs attention, mom calls) and I just sit my book wherever…not always in the best spot. If a paper book hits the floor, it’s not going to smash into little pieces.

Can’t use my bookmarks. I made my own special bookmarks, and let’s face it, you have to have a book for it to be worth it.

Sharing. I share books with people who don’t have e-readers and who aren’t tech-savvy.  

Now, here’s the things l do like about my Kindle:

Portability. I read some long, heavy books, and carrying around the entire collection of Robert Jordan’s WHEEL OF TIME series just isn’t happening without a suitcase. Preferably with wheels.

Instant gratification. If I really want to read something now, I can at the touch of a button. Boom! DEARLY, DEPARTED at my fingertips.

Variety. The number of independent and self-pubbed titles available through Amazon widens my choices beyond what a local store might offer. (Note: This can also go into the negative side of the Kindle, as quantity does not equal quality.)

Of course, if I absolutely love a book that I bought on my Kindle, I will buy a physical copy, too. Some things you just have to share!


  1. Good points! I have that problem with the battery a few times--I won't use my Kindle for a week or so, and when I turn it on I have to wait through half an hour of charging before I can use it. >.<

    I think I'm still more of a physical-copy sort of person, but I definitely love my Kindle. Especially because I can read my own stories on it!

    1. I like mine, but I do prefer a physical book. I like the Kindle for research materials, though.