Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rambling of a Casual Gamer: Don't Make Me Throw Something

Ah, breaking the blog silence at last. Life likes to say, “Oh, you have a schedule? Let me fix that for you!” And then all my plans are dashed. But, here I am, and with a new game rant, to boot.

I just finished a certain game that shall remain nameless. And I got a good dose of game rage for my 75+ hours of gameplay.

Now, I know that not all games are going to have satisfying/happy endings, but this was just downright fit-inducing.  Because no matter what options I was given, the outcome was the same. Death. Bad guy laughing at me.

I defeated him.  At the high level my characters had obtained, it was ridiculously simple. At the end, I was given a choice, but the outcome of that choice ended up being the same no matter what. And that’s where I get mad.

I’ve become spoiled, I suppose, with other games where my choices count. So, maybe I make a bad choice and don’t get the best ending the first time. That’s okay. It gives the game replay value. Some allow me to be good, bad, or somewhere in between, and whatever I choose determines what skills/awards/event outcomes I receive. That’s cool, too. But don’t give me one path and a choice that doesn’t matter. Don’t make me do all this work just to have the bad guy use me as a pawn. That leaves me with an intense desire to throw something.

What are your thoughts? Talk to me in the comments!

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