Monday, August 27, 2012

Rambling of a Casual Gamer: Glitches Make Me Twitch

My Bosmer, Fayruz. Wood Elf, FTW!

I am 115 hours or so into Skyrim. The awesome part about that is, I’ve barely touched the main quest, and I’m not bored. My character has a dresser full of dragon bones and scales, just waiting for the moment I hit level 100 on my smithing. (I’m at 92. Soon, precious dragon armor, soon.) I am Arch Mage and Harbinger.

And I’ve only been eaten by a dragon once.

While I love all the fantastic dragon-slaying, bandit-smiting, ore-mining goodness of Skyrim, I have just one problem.


Most of them aren’t a big deal. The lag when I’ve played for a while is annoying, but by then it’s usually time to quit anyway. The inability to start a mission because I already have a mission at the same destination was a bit eye-twitch inducing, but I got around it, and it was fine. After I picked up a staff that was quest-oriented and it wouldn’t let me hand it over until I placed it on a weapon display…okay.

But the one that sits like a white elephant on my task list and makes my skin crawl with unfulfilled completion frustration?

Find a copy of THE WOLF QUEEN v.6.


I picked the book up during the progress of another quest. Because, you know, I have to collect all of the books. I had no idea it would be part of a quest—until I tried to put it on a bookshelf. Before this, I hadn’t experienced this particular Quest Item F.U. glitch. And because I’m playing on a game console (PS3), there is no freaking way to drop it. Can’t go through the motions of the hunt and pretend, either. So the book sits there like an ugly wart in my inventory, mocking me with its immovable presence.

I’ve had load failures that were less irritating.
Don’t get me wrong. I love this game. Obviously, or I wouldn’t have devoted so much time to it. And I know glitches in something so elaborate are inevitable. But I hope that Bethesda will in the future will do one thing: make everything damn droppable, please. Twitch.

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