Monday, July 29, 2013

Casual Webcomic Roundup

The badass Ashley Cope just finished another chapter on Unsounded. Now that my horror of having to wait an entire month for the new chapter to begin has abated, I thought I’d introduce a few other comics that have caught my fancy.

First up is Ever Blue.

A fascinating story of a genius girl mechanic named Luna, a free-spirited sailor named Ten, and their adventure across a world of endless ocean. The artist/author, Michael Sexton, has created an intriguing world where diving for old technologies is forbidden, and his wonderful artwork really brings it to life. Updates tend to be slower, but the pages are worth the wait. I recommend a monthly/bi-monthly check for new updates on this one.  You can check it out yourself here.


is another excellent fantasy.
Meela is a young Lupian out on her own. Orphaned, she teams up with the mute Lupian mercenary Feral, who’s somewhat reluctant about his new charge. Beautiful illustrations combined with an engaging story really make this one stand out for me. Coauthors/artists Samantha Whitten and Stacey Pefferkorn update on Fridays, so add this one to your weekly list! To check out Strays, go here.


And because I like bundles of three, here’s one final full-color webcomic for your enjoyment. Ties That Bind, another excellent fantasy series, focuses on a world where magic is the norm, and those who don’t have it are known as Seeds.
Eon’s been away from the military for a bit, but now that it’s time to round up Seeds, he’s been called in for duty. Needless to say, he’s got catching up to do…and some secrets to figure out. Check out Micah Solusod and Ayu Sakata’s (aka Painapple Teriyaki) fantastic work here.

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