Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Writing Ramble: My Adventures in Plotting

I am a hardcore pantser when I’m writing. I know a mood and a general direction I want to go in, and I write.

But that’s not working for this one particular WIP. My general roll-wherever-the-words-take-me method worked for about twelve pages. Then I got stuck. I knew where I wanted to go; I even had the basic plot written down. However, I couldn’t see the details within the picture. It was like trying to do a connect-the-dot puzzle with only two dots. (The thing’s supposed to be a bunny, y’all.)

So, I did the thing I never thought I’d do.

I made an outline. Yes, an orderly, structured, numerated document of information to guide me along my way. The thing I never wrote in school until I’d already finished my paper. And once I had it nice and neat, I saved it as a separate document, and I added details in subsections until the dots started looking somewhat bunny-shaped.

It’s terrifying and so unlike me. My critique partner thinks I’ve been replaced with a pod person.

But it’s working. It’s not perfect, I’ve shuffled a few pieces around, but the words are forming.

It’s definitely a bunny.

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