Tuesday, April 15, 2014

I've Got News, and It's Pretty Sweet

If I was a GIF-savvy person, this post would explode with them. I’m not, however, so I’m just going to squeal in plain ol’ type.

Last week, I got to share some exciting news, and now I’m going to post it here.



I’ve signed with Spencer Hill Press to publish my debut YA paranormal, LEAD ME BACK HOME.

Here’s the short version of how it came to pass.

I queried during Spencer Hill Press’s open submissions window in December. They requested the full manuscript shortly after.

Then waiting.

A nudge, a reply, and more waiting, until I received an email from Kate Kaynak that contained the following words:


There was lots of flailing. Deep breaths. A yes. And here we are.

I’ll post updates—and maybe a cooler version of this story—as we go along. For now, I’m still letting it sink in that next year I’ll be holding my book in my hands.