Monday, May 19, 2014

Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns Afterthoughts

This weekend, I had a goal to finish playing one game and reading one book. Sadly, I’m still 300 pages shy of completing the 900-page final installment of the Wheel of Time.

But, I did conquer the final day of FF: Lightning Returns! Overall, I really enjoyed it. The story at last came together, and I was generally satisfied with the gameplay. I sort of rushed through the main quests, so I ended up with several days on my hands for nothing but monster-slaying and side-quest completion.

Just when I thought I was at the end, I won yet another day. Sadly, I wasn’t as excited about it as I felt I should’ve been, but the side quests started to get a little dull by this time. I managed to pick up a few that kept me going instead of just standing in the Wildlands until the clock ran out.

The final day gave me the cut scenes that I love in every FF game. While I’d expected to go straight into the final battle, when I was presented with the four trials, I leapt in because who’s gonna turn down more strength before fighting the last guy?

Armed with new spells and new gear, I thought I was ready.

I thought wrong.

After a few tries and some massive shifting of my schemata, I finally managed to take down the boss in a grueling battle of attrition. (Without all those cool new spells.)

Roll ending cut scenes.

In the end, I liked it. It’s not my favorite, and it doesn’t stay with me like some earlier games, but it made up for a lot of the disappointment I’d felt in previous installments.

Now, that I’ve finished Lightning Returns, I have hope that FFXV will blow me away. (Hopefully, I’ll see it in my life time. *stares at Square-Enix*)

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