Friday, October 17, 2014


Waiting sucks.
When something excites me, I usually want it RIGHT NOW. Like when the PS4 came out. I wanted one really bad, and my brain was screaming, “GET IT NOW!” However, my sensible side said, “Wait. Let them work out any bugs. At least wait until they have game you actually want to play.”
So…I’m still waiting.
Waiting for writing things makes me twitchy. I squirm when I’m waiting for feedback, contest results, or replies to emails. Especially the last one because waiting on anything to do with publishing is torture. I obsessively refresh like everyone else when I’m dying to see a query response or edit note in my inbox.
And when my inbox remains frustratingly empty?
I mentally whine and wait some more.
If I’ve learned anything since deciding I really wanted to slog through the query trenches, it’s patience. No matter what level you’re at, there’s waiting to be done. A writer waits on an agent to scoop them up. An agent waits for an editor to say yes or no to a deal. An author waits for an editor to send them notes.  
Waiting sucks…but I understand the need for patience. All those people have other things to do. They’ve got clients and contracts and deadlines. Even CPs can be too busy sometimes. Getting flustered and raving won’t make the emails come any faster. Or if they do, you probably won’t like the answer. So we wait. When the appropriate time comes, we gently nudge, and then we work on something else while we wait some more.
Dragon Age: Inquisition comes out in November for the PS4. Definitely worth waiting for. Those other things I’m still waiting on will eventually come, too. I just have to be patient.

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