Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Music and Muses

There's nothing better to me than to sit down with my laptop, plug in my speakers, and open iTunes while I write.  Sometimes I just let it run through all my music on iTunes DJ, but for some projects I create lists of music that to me fit the mood of the story. 

It's amazing to me how music affects the way I write.  It doesn't even have to be the entire song that moves me either, but a chorus or one line that makes my brain start firing.  For example, the opening lines of "Turn My Head" by Live inspired the beginning of a story for me.  Right now, 10 Years' song "Silhouette of Life" has little brainstorm clouds brewing in my mind.  Music inspires in me images for scenes,  character emotions, storyline undertones, and sometimes just the desire to put fingers to keyboard and fly. 

1 comment:

  1. music is jst good for the soul period !! even if im jst goin to do something i have to listen to jst the rite kind of music to get me pumped up for watever the occasion may be ... weather it is goin out with friends ... goin to work (even tho i dnt wrk lol but i did before i became a house wife ) ... cleanin the house... ect.. i couldnt live without music !! it is most deff. my fav. form of entertainment. i mean i do love to read but i gotta find jst the rite book to keep me entertained, then every free moment i have im reading !! I dnt watch tv much because i have the kids so the tv is usually on cartoons lol!! sandra