Monday, May 14, 2012

From the Casual Webcomic Reader: The Awesomeness that is Unsounded

A girl with a lion’s tail and an attitude to match it. An eloquent, somewhat outdated, badass zombie spell caster. Smugglers. And the local authorities chasing them all.

Welcome to Unsounded.

I tumbled into this world because I was lurking around the website of author and outstanding artist, Ashley Cope. I’d found her artwork some time ago while feeding my Final Fantasy art jones, and when I saw her gallery, I was overwhelmed. A mixture of game art and her own characters, the level of badassery is beyond my comprehension. Each piece has a depth to it, especially those of her characters like Murkoph. Maybe because they have backstories (a lot of them are RPG characters), they feel deeper to me. I don’t know all the stories, didn’t know any of them before I read the little explanations underneath each one, but it was like I could feel a story behind them. I knew Murkoph wasn’t scarred just to be scarred. I knew there was a story behind each one. And behind that grin.  

Enough gushing fangirl!

So, I came across the Unsounded link and read, I think at the time it was three chapters, straight through. The story is amazing. The interactions between the characters are genuine and fluid, and the artwork is mind-blowing. Unsounded’s world is complex, full of gray-area morals, political and cultural details given with just the right amount of explanation, and laws of magic that any fantasy writer or game programmer would envy.

And the characters! Realistic emotions and reactions that demand devotion. You want to know what happens to them; you care if it’s bad. And as the story progresses, the relationships between the characters do, too.

If you like clever fantasy and great artwork (and intelligent zombies), check out Unsounded. With updates on MWF, it’s easy to keep up with the storyline.

Fangirl, out.      

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