Monday, September 29, 2014

Cover Reveal! THE DARK CARNIVAL Anthology

Hello, Ladies and Gents!
Everyone gather round! Closer. Even closer.
Can you smell it? Buttered popcorn. The gossamer perfume of cotton candy, and over there, you can just make out the calliope music from the carousel.
The carnival has come to town, my friends, though the thrills you seek might be altogether different from the ones you get...
Welcome to the great Pen and Muse's DARK CARNIVAL!
In this anthology, several authors and illustrators explore the dark and hidden dangers that lie within a carnival that has come to town. But it is no ordinary carnival. It's THE DARK CARNIVAL.
And when The Dark Carnival comes to town, there's no promise that anyone can leave...alive.
A round of applause for the talented authors ready to terrify you!
 Kat Daemon, Kristen Strassel, Julie Hutchings, C. Elizabeth Vescio, Mark Matthews, Brian W. Taylor, Kim Culpepper, Eli Constant, Mari Wells, J. Elizabeth Hill, Nicole R. Taylor, Ashly Nagrant, Kristin Hanson, Calyn Morgan, Tawney Bland, Roselle Kaes, Ken Mooney, Emily McKeon, Bobby Salomons, Ezekiel Conrad, Sheila Hall, Michelle Davis, Lucas Hargis, Vanessa Henderson, Ryan Bartlett, Debra Kristi, Jessi Esparza, T.A. Brock, Ruth Shedwick, Brian LeTendre, Amy Trueblood, Gregory Carrico, Jamie Corrigan, Kate Michael, Tyle Anne Snell, Alicia Audrey, Meghan Schuler, Jamie Adams, Wulf Francu Godgluck, J.C. Michael, Suzy G., Kristin Rivers, and Claire C. Riley.
*Final lineup subject to change
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Cover Design by the fabulous C. Elizabeth Vescio. Learn more about her and her incredible design skills here.
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