Monday, September 24, 2012

Fan Love, Ain't it Grand? Unsounded Kickstarter Update

Last week, I posted about the Kickstarter page for Ashley Cope’s Unsounded web-comic. And in the last week, I’ve had the chance to witness fan love at work. (You can check out my post and links to the comic and the Kickstarter page here.)

Ashley set her goal at $9,800. In a week’s time, that goal has been nearly tripled. There’s 24 days to go!

I can’t help but read the comments on most things, and reading the ones on the Unsounded Kickstarter makes me hope I have fans like hers one day. They love her work, they realize and respect the time and effort she puts into making Unsounded such a great graphic novel, and they want to support her. From my comment lurking on the comic’s site, I’ve noticed it’s been the fans that have urged access to Donate buttons and pushed for the Kickstarter page. As far as I know, Ashley has never asked her fans for a thing, but to read the latest page.

Even now, there are a few wishing the top tiers weren’t all sold out just so they could give her more money.

The love of her fan base is impressive and heart-warming. Not to mention inspiring. I’m glad to be a part of it. I hope to see Unsounded take off, and wish all sorts of success on Ashley because she’s not only an amazing artist, but an excellent storyteller as well.

And she does it for the love of it!

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