Monday, September 24, 2012

Meet Pete, My Office Roomie

From time to time on campus, a storm will come through and knock down trees or limbs. And sometimes, the high wind will blow down a squirrel nest.

When that happens, sometimes there are baby squirrels. 

That's how we ended up with Pete.

I took a call early one morning after a storm. The person who called was looking for someone to pick up the baby squirrel she had found near her building, and she wondered if we had an animal control person or someone who would come take it off of her hands.

I knew just the person to call. I called up my friend Jo, who was more than happy to get the little guy. She's raised several squirrels, one of which I was particularly attached to because she slept in our hoodie pockets and used our sleeves for a hammock.

Pete when he was first found. His eyes weren't even open yet.

Because she works outside and can't carry him around, I get to babysit, which thrills me to death. Baby squirrels are just so freaking cute!

Pete. Hungry fella!

Pete's getting bigger! And Squirrelly!
Climbing my arm.

Gah! The cuteness!

Pete loves his momma Jo!



  1. AAAAAAAAAAH! I am so beyond jealous!! OMG! THE CUTENESS IS TOO MUCH!