Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Unsounded in Print? Hell Yes!

The artwork of Unsounded. The entire comic's like this!

I’ve mentioned my love for the Unsounded web-comic once before. It’s a perfect blend of great art, excellent storytelling, and hard work that brings Ashley Cope’s characters to life. And like any great novel, I’m left thinking about the fates of her characters every time I leave the page.

Unsounded has a loyal following of readers, and gathers new ones all the time. I always take the time to read the comments section at the end of the latest page where often amongst the witty and intelligent discussions of Unsounded’s world, I will see a new comment from someone who did the same thing I did. They started at the first page and couldn’t stop.

Yeah, it’s that good.

You can check it out here.

Daughter of the Sharteshane thief-king Nary-A-Care Frummagem, fearless and loud-mouthed Sette sets out to make her pa proud. With Duane Adelier—according to Sette, the worst attack-zombie ever—she takes off to collect a debt from her cousin. Trouble seems to follow her, from ancient creatures to smugglers to Peaceguard soldiers.

You guys…Duane is an intelligent, spell-casting, zombie. How can you not love that??

So, Ashley finally let her readers pummel her into starting a Kickstarter project to get Unsounded into print form. This just makes me squiggly-excited! And because I love it so much, I’m plugging it now!

There’s a video narrated by Ashley that introduces you to her world and artwork. Give a look-see, and if you like it, think about dropping a donation in the Kickstarter bucket. Ashley’s put a lot of hard work and dedication into Unsounded. It’s time it paid off!

To check out the Kickstarter page for Unsounded, go here!

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